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is a creative production house that keeps true to its namesake animal. There’s always more to it beneath the surface; it uniquely and loudly tells its stories; and it makes sure that its messages travel as far as possible.

The passion we have for storytelling will always show in the impact of our work and will one day echo across the globe.

The production house’s unique point of view recognizes its audiences’ willingness to love many things, and appreciate different types of art.

This is why our services are not limited to one type of project, or side or another of the process.
From idea generation and script writing to production and post-production services, Whales Pictures is committed to it all. We also support the work of other content generators by taking up unique and exciting production


We think that

“Successful storytelling is a product of truth, emotion, and impact.
We live through what we experience, but also through what we observe and what we help create.”

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